a second-generation cryptoeconomic model powered by Ethereum and Time

The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to grow, with new innovations and applications being developed every day. However, few developers have yet to solve the ultimate problem facing cryptocurrency: global adoption. The internet has shifted from the domain of business and hobbyists to the realm of more casual users. Cryptocurrency will soon undergo that same shift from investors and hobbyists to every day users. Liquidaeon is designed to facilitate that shift by tearing down the conventional barriers to entry. Acquiring cryptocurrency requires significant overhead, such as expensive hardware for mining or considerable capital for staking. Liquidaeon introduces a new paradigm, the commodification of time, enabling users with minimal resources to participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Token Technical Specifications

1 000
Total Issuance
1 000 000
Initial Confidence Offering
Proof of Time
GENERATOR Distribution
Developer Distribution


Q4 2017

  • Initial Confidence Offering
  • Liquidaeon Launch

Q1 2018

  • Wallet dApp Launch
  • Pool Smart Contract

Q2 2018

  • Crowdfunding Smart Contract
  • Beneficiary Smart Contract

Q3 2018

  • Lending Smart Contract
  • Inheritance Smart Contract
L I Q U I D A E O N   2 0 1 7